Want to get involved?

We welcome your help to promote our mission! Here are some ways you can get involved:

Contribute to our You Tube Channel! Are you a woman songwriter with an original song about a woman who has inspired you? We would love to feature your song/video on our YouTube channel! Please email us at info@shesspeakingsongs.com if you are interested!

Spread the word about our live events! Every time you share our live events on your social media or tell your friends about us, it helps to amplify our grassroots efforts. Don't forget to share from your heart why you are excited about She's Speaking!

Bring your daughter or your son or your friend to a She's Speaking Live event! Are you excited and energized by our mission and our live performances? Do you know someone who would align with our mission to amplify women's voices? You can help us by bringing a friend, a son, a daughter. Imagine the imact on a young person to see powerful women up on stage raising their voices and raising the roof! 

Like, Follow, and Subscribe to our Instagram, Facebook and YouTube accounts! Seriously, y'all. It is free to do and it helps us SO MUCH when you follow and engage with our social media accounts! The algorithm feeds on activity, so every single follow, like, comment, and share helps to raise our profile. 

Seek out and support women artists and make note of the representation of women artists at festivals and venues. Women's voices are important, and we have to seek them out and promote them at every opportunity! Would you like to see more women artists at your favorite venue or festival? Reach out and let them know! Venues and festivals answer to customers. Let them know what you would like to see/hear! 

Venmo @shesspeakingsongs - support She’s Speaking live shows and outreach! (We are not a non-profit, and donations are not tax-deductible.) Contributions go toward supporting our live shows and promoting our mission.

Bring a She's Speaking Live event to your community!