She's Speaking creates forums/spaces where women's voices and artistry can be heard by all people. 

She’s Speaking grew out of a sense of isolation many performing songwriters experienced during the global pandemic. It started as a YouTube channel of mostly iPhone videos submitted by more than 60 amazing women songwriters performing songs they’d composed during the pandemic about women who inspired them.

The channel launched on International Women’s Day in March 2021, with a live stream event hosted by Seattle blues artist Lady A. Since then, She’s Speaking has organized pandemic-friendly live-stream concerts, including a tribute to mothers and grandmothers in May and a Folk Alliance showcase in August. 

She’s Speaking - Live was the project’s first live, in-person performance at Portland’s Alberta Rose Theatre last November. The stellar lineup included Arietta Ward, LaRhonda Steele, Edna Vazquez, Bre Gregg, Kristen Grainger, Beth Wood, Liz Chibucos, Naomi LaViolette, and a multi-talented backup band, Dan Gildea, guitar, Ward Griffiths, percussion, Dan Wetzel, guitar, and Jeff Langston, bass. 

She's Speaking continues to seek platforms, forums and spaces where women’s voices and artistry can be heard by all people.

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